Frequently Asked Questions

How many tests should I order?

One DNA Collection Kit is needed for each pup in the litter, as well as one kit for the dam and one kit for each potential sire. The possibility of a multi-sire litter makes it imperative to test all pups in the litter.

What age is ideal for testing a pup?

A pup should be a least 4 weeks of age for best results. To help avoid cross-contamination between pups and dam, collect the pup’s cheek swab sample one hour post-nursing. Please allow 2 weeks once received at BioPet Laboratories for processing.

Does DNA collection hurt my dog?
Our cheek swab collection is harmless to your dog. The polyester tip swab collection is designed to be a reliable, rapid and pain-free method of collecting DNA rich cheek cells right at home. Please visit DNA collection tips and techniques page for more information.
What are the benefits of DNA parentage testing?
DNA parentage testing provides lifetime certification that will set your breeding program apart. The longer DNA testing is in place, the more value is created for each dog by longer tracing of your breeding program. Confirm pedigrees with the confidence that only an unalterable DNA based report can provide.
Why should I test with BioPet Laboratories?

BioPet Laboratories demonstrates technical competency to perform molecular testing for genetic profiling of biological samples as outlined by the specification in ISO 17025:2005 international standards. BioPet Laboratories exhibits compliance across sampling, sample handling and protection, testing, test reporting, record maintenance, validation of analytical methods, controlled environment, traceability, equipment calibration testing and maintenance, and qualification of personnel as outlined in BioPet Laboratories Quality and Procedures Manual.

All BioPet analysts prove proficiency of basic laboratory skills and aseptic techniques based on education and work experience as stated on their resume and vetted by references. All DNA analysts must successfully master each skill in the training matrix before advancing to processing customer samples. DNA Analyst proficiency and validated lab methods may be tested by participating in the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) interlaboratory comparison studies in both cattle and companion animal studies.

What are the benefits of the DNA World Pet Registry?

With an online secure account on the DNAWPR, you now have access to your dogs’ status updates as samples are received, analyzed, and ready for you to input into the Parentage Tool software. You also have the option to use the sample ID of a stud dog from another breeder if the dog has been tested with BioPet Laboratories. The DNAWPR allows BioPet Laboratories to offer DNA products and services anywhere in the world with accurate result delivery.

What if my pup fails to certify in the parentage analysis?

Please contact BioPet Laboratories with any questions concerning disqualifications of pups. We offer an extended testing panel to eliminate the possibility of point site mutations. Remember, one litter may have more than one sire making it important to test all pups, the dam, and all potential sires.

Can I confirm the breeds in my dog from this test?
No. DNA Proof of Parentage testing is to provide certification between a pup, dam, and sire. No breed specific information is provided.
How long are my dogs’ profiles made available?
DNA profiles are permanently stored in the DNA World Pet Registry. Once registered, a dog’s genetic profile will remain available for future parentage analysis, leaving only new pups and new additions to your breeding program requiring additional DNA Collection Kits.

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