DNA Proof of Parentage

Genetic Testing for Canine Professionals



Collect DNA samples from each dog with a harmless cheek swab. Swab dam, puppies, and all possible sires.


Mail your samples to BioPet Laboratories in the provided envelopes.


Run online certification from the comfort of your home then print your DNA Proof of Parentage Certificates.

Know for Certain: Certified or Disqualified

The DNA Proof of Parentage service offers accurate parentage testing for canines. The test compares the DNA of a puppy to its dam and potential sire. A result of Certified or Disqualified will be returned.


  • Verifiable Proof of Linage
  • Easy to use cheek swab for DNA Collection
  • Fast turnaround
  • Online access – test future litters



Always available

A DNA Proof of Parentage Test is an investment in future generations.  Once registered, a dog’s genetic profile will be available for future parentage analysis forever. Leaving only new pups and new additions to your breeding program requiring additional DNA Collection Kits.

Online Genetic Processing

The DNA World Pet Registry is the secure hosted database that houses all BioPet Laboratories DNA profiles.  The DNA World Pet Registry allows BioPet Laboratories to offer DNA products and services anywhere in the world with significantly reduced result processing time and online results.


One litter, lots of litters, what about a kennel club?

We have 3 different programs to fit the needs of various sized breeding programs. At BioPet, we strive to make canine DNA Parentage Testing simple and affordable. See our pricing guide to find the most affordable option for your program.